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This wine is produced from a single parcel of Godello called “Souto dos Santos”, planted in 1979. This single parcel, is located at an altitude of 710 meters, in the most western area of Santa Cruz do Bolo. A “sorte” hidden among chestnuts trees, and with fewer hours of sunshine a year than usual, therefore its acidity is very high and not every year its maturation is the optimal one for the vinification of this wine. It is a unique wine that can only be made in vintages when the conditions are ideal ones. Its sandy soil, with very fine sand due to the degradation of very old granite, gives the wine a markedly saline character, pronouncing this sensation thanks to its angular acidity. Biodynamic viticulture.

Fermentation is carried out in used barrels, without pie de cuba, to achieve a natural fermentation stop with a high sugar content. 

Aged for 6 months in the barrel.



Wine with double character. Sweet and floral aromas, (chestnut blossom, fennel), voluminous and ample in its presentation. On its way it hardly leaves any memory of its high sugar content as its great acidity and marked saline character, clean the palate imposing its incisive acidity and sapid salinity, thus confusing the first impression perceived.

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